Published: 2020-01-21

Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science - Volume 99 (2019)

Mostafa Elshahed, Tammy Austin, David Bass

i - 155

Updated and Revised Checklist of the Mammals of Oklahoma, 2019

William Caire, Lynda Samanie Loucks, Michelle L. Haynie, Brandi S. Coyner, Janet K. Braun

1 - 6

#GARWEEK: Insights from a Social Media Outreach Campaign about Alligator Gar in Oklahoma

Kelly M. Adams, Andrew T. Taylor, Richard A. Snow, Michael J. Porta

31 - 40

Novel Natural History and Ecological Information on Select Oklahoma Biota

Chris T. McAllister, Henry W. Robison, Donald G. Cloutman, John A. Hnida, Chris Carlton

70 - 78

Metal-Based Chemotherapy Drugs

Kaitlyn Kasemodel, Katarzyna Roberts

106 - 113

Synthesis of a Potential New Internal Standard for the Analytical Determination of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Monobutyl Phthalate (MBP) in Water Samples

Luis E. Figueroa, Megan C. Brown, Thomas Briscoe, Juliette Chisam, Dalton Lewis, Justin Westover, Erin Brooks, Fakhrildeen Albahadily, John Bowen, Shawna B. Ellis

114 - 119

Analyzing Factors for First Semester General Chemistry Student Success at the University of Central Oklahoma

Ren Jian Lee, Alkin Huggins, Amanda L. Waters, Eric S. Eitrheim, Tyler Cook

120 - 125

Officers and Section Chairs (2019)

Mostafa Elshahed, Tammy Austin, David Bass


Financial Statements

Mostafa Elshahed, Tammy Austin, David Bass

148 - 149

Membership Application Form

Mostafa Alshahed, Tammy Austin, David Bass


Editorial Policies and Practices

Mostafa Elshahed, Tammy Austin, David Bass


Instructions for Authors

Mostafa Elshahed, Tammy Austin, David Bass