New Ectoparasite (Diptera; Phthiraptera) and Helminth (Trematoda; Cestoda; Nematoda) Geographic Records from Three Species of Owls (Strigiformes) in Southeastern Oklahoma

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Chris T. McAllister
John M. Kinsella
Lance A. Durden
Will K. Reeves


We are just now beginning to learn about the ectoparasites and helminth parasites of someowls of Oklahoma. Some recent contributions from our lab have attempted to help fill a previousvoid in that information. Here, we report, four taxa of ectoparasites and five helminth parasites fromthree species of owls in Oklahoma. They include two species of chewing lice (Strigiphilus syrniiandKurodeia magna), two species of hippoboscid flies (Icosta americanaandOrnithoica vicina),a trematode (Strigea elegans) and a cestode (Paruterina candelabraria)from barred owls (Strixvaria), and three nematodes,Porrocaecum depressumfrom an eastern screech owl(Megascopsasio),Capillariasp. eggs fromS. varia, andCapillariatenuissimafrom a great horned owl (Bubovirginianus). With the exception ofCapillariasp. eggsandI. americana, all represent new staterecords for Oklahoma and extend our knowledge of the parasitic biota of owls of the state.

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