The Collegiate Aviation Review International

The Collegiate Aviation Review-International (CARi) is the peer reviewed journal of the University Aviation Association (UAA). The CARi welcomes the following types of manuscripts: Peer-Reviewed Articles, Peer-reviewed Practices, Position Papers, Literature Reviews, Editorials, and UAA Conference Proceedings.  The CARi review process incorporates a double-blind peer review by a panel of individuals who are active in the focus area of each manuscript.  Manuscripts that do not receive peer review undergo editorial review by the Editorial staff.  Additional information is available to authors in the journal's Editorial Policies and Submissions guidance.

Vol 36

Table of Contents

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Mallory Casebolt, Chad Depperschmidt, Timm Bliss
Wesley Major, Jijo Matthew, Sarah Hubbard, Darcy Bullock

Peer-Reviewed Practices

Wesley L. Major, Raymart R. Tinio, Sarah M. Hubbard