Published: 2021-01-05

Viability and Application of Mounting Personal PID VOC Sensors to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Cheryl Lynn Marcham, Scott S. Burgess, Joseph Cerreta, Patti J. Clark, James P. Solti, Brandon Breault, Joshua G. Marcham

Women's Perceptions of the Aviation Workplace

An Exploratory Study

Lindsay Stevenson, Haydee Maria Cuevas, Katya K. Rivera, Katie S. Kirkpatrick, Marisa D. Aguiar, Jorge L. D. Albelo

What Type of Person Would Prefer Driverless Cars Over Commercial Flight?

Mattie N. Milner, Stephen Rice, Scott R. Winter, Sean R. Crouse

The Use of Aviation Safety Practices in UAS Operations

A Review

William Theodore Weldon, Joseph Hupy, Damon Lercel, Kaleb Gould