Women's Perceptions of the Aviation Workplace An Exploratory Study

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Lindsay Stevenson
Haydee Maria Cuevas
Katya K. Rivera
Katie S. Kirkpatrick
Marisa D. Aguiar
Jorge L. D. Albelo


The purpose of this study was to develop an Aviation Occupation Survey to determine what factors may contribute to the retention of women (e.g., cisgender, transgender, gender fluid) in aviation occupations in the United States. Drawing from the published literature in organizational retention and diversity in aviation, the survey was created consisting of 50 Likert-scale items on nine subjects related to career retention. A total of 188 participants (women = 70, men = 118) completed the survey. Results revealed similarities between women and men on perceptions about numerous aspects of their workplace, particularly job satisfaction, professional growth opportunities, challenging work, monetary benefits, non-monetary benefits, work-life balance, management practices, and aviation passion. However, results also revealed women reported significantly greater concerns than men on sexual harassment and gender bias in the workplace. Women also reported feeling less comfortable bringing concerns to management significantly more than men. These findings are consistent with other studies indicating a major obstacle facing women in aviation occupations stems from working in an environment with a pervasive male-dominated culture.

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Haydee Maria Cuevas, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Haydee M. Cuevas is an Associate Professor in the College of Aviation School of Graduate Studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


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