The Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science contains papers on topics of interest to scientists. The goal is to publish clear communications of scientific findings and of matters of general concern for scientists in Oklahoma, and to serve as a creative outlet for other scientific contributions by scientists.

Vol. 100 (2020)

Published: 2021-04-14

Table of contents

Mostafa Elshahed

Examination of the Current Oklahoma State Record Smallmouth Buffalo

Richard A. Snow, Michael J. Porta, David M. Bogner

Population Dynamics of a Stunted Blue Catfish Population in a Small Oklahoma Impoundment

Micah J. Waters, Richard A. Snow, Michael J. Porta, Michael T. Hollie

Review on Effects of Holding Time Exceedances on Ambient Water Quality

Sunil Thapa, Scott Stoodley, Kerri H. Farnsworth-Hoback, Andrew R. Dzialowski
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