The Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science contains papers on topics of interest to scientists. The goal is to publish clear communications of scientific findings and of matters of general concern for scientists in Oklahoma, and to serve as a creative outlet for other scientific contributions by scientists.

Vol. 103 (2023)

Published: 2024-01-29

Table of Contents

Mostafa Elshahed

The Use of Coffee Bean Oil to Repel Amblyomma americanum (Acari:Ixodidae)

Heather R. Ketchum, Eric G. Bright, Holly D. Loeffler, Sierra Gillette-Stouffer, Richard A. Russell

Examination of Wild Birds and Feral Hogs from Oklahoma, USA, for Infection with Trichinella

Ryan W. Koch, João Brandão, Corey S. Riding, Scott R. Loss, Alexis Steckley, Mason V. Reichard

Parasites of the Silver Chub, Macrhybopsis storeriana (Cypriniformes: Leuciscidae) from the Red River, Choctaw County, Oklahoma

Chris T. McAllister, Anindo Choudhury, Donald G. Cloutman, Nikolas H. McAllister, Henry W. Robinson

Evaluation of Hole-Punching Operculums as a Marking Technique in Centrarchids

Shelby E. Jeter, Alexis N. Whiles, Douglas L. Zentner, Richard A. Snow

A Comparison of Eight Channel Catfish Populations across the Central Region of Oklahoma

Austin D. Griffin, Jory B. Bartnicki, Douglas L. Zentner, Richard A. Snow

Relationship Between Cell Surface Hydrophobicity and Biofilm Adhesion in Opportunistic Serratia Species with Disparate Susceptivity to Triclosan Sensitization

Katherine Nehmzow, Abby S. Rigsbee, Christopher F. Godman, Samuel K. Hudgeons, Sue K. Amburn, Franklin R. Champlin

In Vitro Anticancer Effects of Taraxacum Genus Extracts: A Review

Brooke N. Stoutjesdyk, Melville B. Vaughan, Christina G. Hendrickson
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