An Evaluation of the “Police Response to Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Operations” Online Training Program

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Anthony Galante
Leila Halawi


This study evaluates the impact of the “Police Response to Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Operations” online training program of officers from the Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD). By measuring the effectiveness of the training through pretest and posttest assessments and considering variables such as educational background, length of service, and rank, this research underscores the training’s potential to enhance UAS response capabilities. Employing a self-selection sampling method, the study engaged 82 voluntary participants from the DBPD, revealing significant improvement across all groups in UAS knowledge and confidence levels. Despite limitations, these findings offer compelling evidence of the training’s efficacy and advocate for continuous education to strengthen law enforcement’s readiness and public safety preparedness in the face of evolving technological challenges. Future investigations should delve into long-term effects and underlying factors to bolster the robustness of these results.

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