Utilizing Organization Change Management Tools to Implement Safety Management System (SMS) Principles

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Stephanie Brown
Brian Dillman


This paper presents an exploration of organizational change management tools and its usability to the Safety Management System (SMS) principles.  The objective is to provide three tools to embrace the three dimensions of organizational change management aiding leaders to adopt to a magnitude of different changes or initiatives while following the same blueprint consistently that promotes a positive safety culture and identifies new hazards or ineffective risk controls within that operation. With SMS becoming the aviation industry standard for safety program management it is vital to not only comply with the regulations set forth but to be able to embed functionality and adaptability within an operation in a systematic, explicit, and comprehensive way that can be applied consistently time and time again when a new hazard or ineffective risk control is identified within an organization.

Addressing the actions required to comply with the regulations and leveraging the organizational change management dimensions will create enhanced sustainability and resilience for the overall safety program. This exploration and design solution will create future research and analysis on the implementation of the guides in an operation.

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