Q Methodology and the Measurement of Self Perception

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Mike Knight
William A. Frederickson
Samuel A. Martin


By conceptualizing verbal behavior with self reference as operant behavior, the assumption that self awareness is achieved through observation of self becomes tenable. In this paper we describe a computer psychometrics approach to the measurement of self perception that allows interpretation within the theoretical context provided by Q methodology. The construct validity in support of this approach to measurement derives from philosophical. and statistical considerations which are compatible with behavior theory in psychology and quantum theory in physics.

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Knight, M., Frederickson, W. A., & Martin, S. A. . (1987). Q Methodology and the Measurement of Self Perception. Operant Subjectivity, 10(4). Retrieved from https://ojs.library.okstate.edu/osu/index.php/osub/article/view/9123