Q Methodology as a Constructivist Methodology

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Paul Stenner


Following a brief discussion of the meanings of constructivism an argument is made to the
effect that Q methodology is a constructivist methodology in a sense
that is compatible with the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. A
brief comparison of the ideas of Stephenson and Whitehead is followed by
a section outlining Whitehead’s notion of the ‘actual occasion’ as the
core of a constructivist approach to nature. It is argued that a
comparable conception of the event is at play in Stephenson’s thinking
about Q methodology, and that this is key to understanding the quantum
theoretical aspects of Q. Some of the procedures of Q methodology are
then interpreted in the light of this conception. The conclusion uses
the distinction between experience and expression to integregate the
ideas of Stephenson, Whitehead and William James into a novel synthesis
of potential use to Q methodologists.

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