Experiences Abroad as Transformational Professional Learning for In-Service Teachers

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Mark Felts


This essay is an attempt to illuminate a connection between the documented impacts of study abroad upon in-service/pre-service teachers and the types of professional development experiences that have also shown to have impact upon teacher practice. I document the need for more authentic teacher professional development and the evidence within existing literature of the impacts of study abroad experiences upon teacher practice. Benefits of study abroad for teachers are then compared to the professional development practices that have been accordingly impactful. Finally, I superimpose the benefits of study abroad experiences and the practices of impactful professional development to reveal that the literature supports a striking similarity. I argue that aspects of high-impact professional development can also be found among the documented benefits of study abroad experiences. This essay makes the case that the benefits shown by study abroad experience carry transformational potential, high-impact professional development activity for in-service teachers.

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