The Theory of Nullification from John C. Calhoun, its Origins in Thomas Jefferson's Compact Theory, and how the Ideas Helped Shape America Through the Civil War

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Cas Northcutt


“The Theory of Nullification from John C. Calhoun, its origins in Thomas Jefferson’s Compact Theory, and how the ideas helped shape America through the Civil War.†The majority of the previ- ous research done into this topic focuses heavily on the two con- cepts’ similarities, and less so on the exploration of the connection of the political environments, nor the importance of the acts on the era outside of its origins. Looking into many of the original documents, there was an ability to get an advanced understanding of the topic. Using the methods laid forward above, reading much of Thomas Jefferson and John C. Calhoun’s works have allowed a study into the effects not only at the time, but also how they have created a wave going forward into history. Much of their language and ideas are repeated in the documents related to se- cession. Looking at the tie to the Civil War has helped understand how these actors changed history with their theories.

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