Qualifying Eurofighter Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids as Full Flight Simulator Level C/D

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Daniel Moldrings
Hans-Joachim Ruff-Stahl


The German Air Force uses ASTA flight simulators for training and testing of Eurofighter pilots. This study aimed to determine whether the ASTA simulator meets the requirements for the subjective test of certification and whether the pilots consider ASTA a realistic training tool. 118 of a total of 130 Eurofighter pilots participated in the study and were asked to answer a questionnaire after flying a certification-type mission profile. Nine hypotheses were tested with inferential and descriptive statistics, the results led to four conclusions. First, the ASTA is perceived as a high-fidelity training simulator that confidently replicates the Eurofighter. Therefore second, the ASTA simulator’s qualification process to an FFS C/D should be initiated. Third, motion systems do not seem indispensable for the transferability of simulation; thus finally, the rulemaker’s qualification requirements to approve FFS C/D simulators should be updated to include ASTA type simulators.

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