Published: 2013-05-13

Organizational role perceptions of lower court judges

William B. Bankston, Charles J. Brody, Neal Shover

115-120, 126

Institutionalized stupidity

Wilmer MacNair

152-156, 158

Nonwhite, nonpartisan, & nonresponse by young Americans

Willaim Maddox, Robert Robins, Roger Handberg


Black women’s participation in the labor force

Patricia A. Bell, Sara Robinson Williams


The erosion of race in anthropology texts

Leonard Lieberman, Larry T. Reynolds


How I write a paper on socialization

John K. Dickinson

173-176, 180

Sex-role influence on birth experience

Richard P. Hurzeler, Carol A. Hurzeler


Prison class, time, space, and rule violation

Scott P. Lauder, Richard O'Toole, Paul K. Jones


Mother-child conversation and academic skill

Rebeca F Guy, Jackie Howsden

139-142, 144

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