Positive Reactions to a Q Sort for Personality Assessment

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Chris D. Fluckinger
Michelle R. Brodke


Experimental research comparing participant reactions to the Q- sort experience with other measurement methods is lacking. To address this gap in the literature, we collected data from 370 student participants who completed a 50-item personality instrument in both Q-sort and formats. After completion of each instrument, participants provided ratings for a series of assessment reactions, including perceived control, Likert liking of personality statements, and visual appeal, as well as qualitative feedback regarding their perceptions of the assessment experience. Results indicate that the Q sort was perceived more favorably regarding visual appeal. The Q sort was also rated as less limiting in allowing participants to express their personality. In addition, the qualitative feedback indicated a general preference for the Q sort. Taken together, these results provide insight into reasons behind participant reactions to the Q-sort procedure, particularly in relation to Likert measures.

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Fluckinger, C. D., & Brodke, M. R. . (2013). Positive Reactions to a Q Sort for Personality Assessment. Operant Subjectivity, 36(4). Retrieved from https://ojs.library.okstate.edu/osu/index.php/osub/article/view/8764