Growth Patterns and Ages of Trees from Martin Park Nature Center, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

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Chad King


This paper provides insight into ages and patterns of radial growth from mature trees at Martin
Park Nature Center, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. A total of 80 trees were sampled and
crossdated using dendrochronology from the three most common genera at Martin Park Nature
Center: Quercus, Celtis, and Ulmus. The oldest trees at the park were Q. macrocarpa and C. laevigata
with individuals dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. A pulse of C. laevigata recruitment occurred
in the 1960s that likely reflected changes in land-use as the property transitioned from private
ownership to the City of Oklahoma City. A sequence of growth suppressions and releases was
identified in C. laevigata that is related to park maintenance and forest development at the park.

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Chad King, University of Central Oklahoma

Department of Biology