Black Mesa Flora Study

James K. McPherson


Summary of season’s work The following constitutes a report on field, laboratory, and library work done in 1992 on the flora of the State Parks-The Nature Conservancy preserve property at Black Mesa. This property is north of the town of Kenton; R1E, T6N, sections 28-33 (portions), and R1E, T5N, S6 (portion), Cimarron County, Oklahoma. I spent 14 full days collecting plants on the preserve, each time camping at the state park a few miles away the nights before and after, so very little travel time was used on collecting days. Collecting dates in the 1992 growing season were 2-3 March, 6-7 April, 30
April-1 May, 14-16 May, 26 June, 2-3 September, and 21-22 September. During each trip an effort was made to visit and collect in as many different types of sites as possible.

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