Contact Gloria Caddell, Managing Editor, for further details. Posted 2021-06-28

Oklahoma Native Plant Society announces a call for research papers regarding Oklahoma’s native plant species.

          Oklahoma Native Plant Record, Volume 21

will include historical botanical research reports, current research papers, site record species lists, and descriptions of newly sited or important species in Oklahoma. Our state’s environmental gradients of climate, elevation, and human impact make it a prime source for research on habitat edges, species ranges, and species interactions, so interdisciplinary themes will be published as well as important works overlooked by journals of broader geographic regions.

         If you or your students have prepared manuscripts regarding plant species in Oklahoma, describe botanical research unique to Oklahoma, or botanical research in Oklahoma that is not likely to be published elsewhere because of its narrow geographic interest, please submit an abstract or manuscript for consideration by August 1, 2021.

         Papers received must not have been published previously or be in-submission elsewhere and should represent research conducted in accordance with accepted procedures and scientific ethics. Submission of the article implies the granting of copyright permission to Oklahoma Native Plant Society. Copyright remains with the author. Manuscripts in hardcopy or electronic format and questions regarding manuscript submissions can be directed to the editor: 

Dr. Gloria M. Caddell, Managing Editor

OklahomaNative Plant Record

P.O. Box 14274, Tulsa OK 74159-1274