Additional Records of Hemoparasites (Apicomplexa) and Helminth Parasites (Trematoda, Cestoda, Nematoda, Acanthocephala) from Oklahoma Amphibians (Anura) and Reptiles (Testudines: Ophidia)

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Chris T. McAllister
Charles R. Bursey
Ryan W. Koch
Stanley E. Trauth
David Bruce Conn
Henry W. Robison


Over the last few years, we have learned more about hematozoan (blood) parasites and helminth parasites of Oklahoma herpetofauna than we have gained in many years past. To that end, we continue to provide information on various intraerythrocytic hematozoans and helminths of amphibians and reptiles of the state. We document several new host and distributional records for these parasites.

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Applied Ecology & Conservation