A New Host and Geographic Record for Subulura nevadense (Nematoda: Subuluroidea: Subuluridae) from Rio Grande Ground Squirrel, Ictidomys parvidens (Rodentia: Sciuromorpha: Sciuridae), from West Texas

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Chris T. McAllister
John M. Kinsella


There is only one report of any helminth parasite from Rio Grande ground squirrels,
Ictidomys parvidens. In April 2020, an adult I. parvidens was found dead on the road in Tom Green County, Texas, and examined for parasites. It was found to harbor 27 individual nematodes, Subulura nevadense. Here, we report S. nevadense for the first time from this host as well as provide a new geographic record for this nematode.

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Applied Ecology & Conservation