Population Dynamics and Diets of Yellow Bass in New Spiro Reservoir, Oklahoma

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Richard A. Snow
Michael J. Porta


Yellow Bass (Morone mississippiensis) are rare in Oklahoma and little information exists regarding the basic ecology in the state. However, a population exists at New Spiro Reservoir, which was studied in fall 2018 and spring 2019. Our objective was to describe population dynamics (age and size structure, condition, growth, mortality, and age at maturity) and diets (spring and fall) of Yellow Bass in New Spiro Reservoir, Oklahoma. This population was dominated by stock-sized (100 mm TL) fish that were primarily planktivorous in both seasons. Yellow Bass in New Spiro Reservoir is characterized by fast growth rates (L ∞ = 281 mm TL by age-2), short longevity (age-3), rapid maturity (100% mature by age-2), and high annual mortality rates. Relative weights (W r ) of Yellow Bass were average (mean W r = 96), but W r increased with fish size (substock = 90, stock = 92, quality = 98, preferred = 105, memorable = 114). This study improves our knowledge of the life history of Yellow Bass in Oklahoma and provides a basis from which future studies can be compared.

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Applied Ecology & Conservation