Additional Information on the Natural History and Ecology of Select Fauna (Decapoda; Actinopterygii; Mammalia) from Oklahoma

Henry W. Robison, Chris T. McAllister, Donald G. Cloutman, Charles R. Bursey, Trevor K. Turner


In our third contribution on the subject, we include noteworthy observations on the natural history and ecology of three species of crayfishes, eight native fishes, and two mammals in Oklahoma. Here, additional records of three uncommon species of crayfishes, early spawning dates for five fishes, an unusual occurrence of the egg filaments of Labidesthes sicculus entangled among the gill filaments and rakers of Menidia audens, and notable information on ecto- and endoparasites from two species each of fishes and mammals are documented. Our purpose is to help complement and fill gaps in our limited biological knowledge of this biota that should help in future studies conducted in the state.

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