New Ectoparasite (Phthiraptera; Siphonaptera; Diptera) Records from Birds (Strigiformes: Passeriformes) and Mammals (Lagomorpha; Rodentia) in Southeastern Oklahoma

Chris T. McAllister, Lance A. Durden, Kylie N. Brecheisen, Will K. Reeves


Little is known about many of the ectoparasites occurring on higher vertebrate hosts in Oklahoma. Here, we report nine taxa of ectoparasites from Oklahoma for the first time. These include five species of chewing lice [Degeeriella fulva from Buteo lineatus (red-shouldered hawk), Strigiphilus otus from Megascops asio (eastern screech owl), Philopterus osborni and Myrsidea interrupta from Corvus brachyrhynchos (common crow), and Stachiella octomaculatus from Sylvilagus floridanus (eastern cottontail)], three species of fleas [Cediopsylla simplex and Odontopsyllus multisinosus from S. floridanus, and Polygenis gwyni from Neotoma floridana (eastern woodrat)], and a dipteran (Ornithoctona erythrocephala from B. lineatus).

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