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Banta, Jay K.


Abbassi, Amir, Texas A&M University- Commerce
Abdel-Hardy, M.
Abit, Sergio M. (United States)
Aboul-Fotouh, K. H.
Abowitz, Deborah A., Bucknell University
AbuBakr, Samer M., University of Oklahoma (United States)
Abuskhuna, Suaad M
Aceves, Patricia A., St. Cloud State University
Aceves, Robert I., St. Cloud State University (United States)
Acock, Alan, Virginia Polytechnic University
Acre, T
Acuff, F Gene, Oklahoma State University
Acuff, F. Gene
Acuff, F. Gene, Oklahoma State University
Adam, Brian D, Oklahoma State University
Adams, A. B.
Adams, Crystal, Brown University
Adams, Damian, University of Florida
Adams, Damian C., University of Florida
Adams, N. G.
Adams, Richard J., Advanced Aviation Concepts, Inc (United States)
Adams, Richard J., Florida Institute of Technology (United States)
Adams, Steven R.
Adams, William, George Washington University

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