Published: 2013-05-13

Prophecy fails again & again: The Morrisites

Larry J Halford, C LeRoy Anderson, Robert E. Clark


A five-level paradigm for modern character

Anthony L Haynor, Joseph A Varacalli


Religion and college suicides: A dynamic relation?

Charles Unkovic, Rudolph Adler, William Brown

39- 42

Family lifestyles, scarcity, and the abundant life

Samuel A Nickols, Sharon Y Nickols


Sex solicitation by short wave radio

Lloyd Klein, Joan Luxenburg Ingle

61-63, 68

Military conscript & war: An alternative to prison

Jack E Bynum, Leo C Downing Jr.

86-91, 95

Manifesto: What it means to be a Catholic sociologist

Joseph A varacalli, Anthony L Haynor