Are social identity markers related to the utilization of hip-hop pedagogy?

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Shannon M. Coffey
Eric Primm
Robert M. Regoli


This research examines whether social identity. Markers (e.g., the age, gender) of faculty members are related to  teaching rap. And hip-hop within academia. It is argued that hip-hop pedagogy is not yet widely utilized within academia because of cultural hegemony. Two methods were used to produce the data: 1) a Literary analyses analyses and 2) a survey of 107 faculty members. Our principal finding was that nearly 80 percent of the facuity surveyed md1cated a willingness to utilize hip-hop texts and media in their classrooms. While social Identity markers appear influence one's willingness to utilize hip-hop pedagogy, the findings did not medicate that any one social Identity marker _negates one's willingness to utilize such pedagogy. Furthermore, we speculate that hip-hop pedagogy will likely support diversity within the academy when used in the classroom by faculty.

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