The notion of masculinity in male collegiate road cyclists

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Daivd Powell
Beverly L. Stiles
Greg Haff
Lon Kilgore


The aim of this study was to look at notions of masculinity in male collegiate road cyclists and assess the masculinity scores of cyclist in one of the ten collegiate cycling conferences in the U.S. This study utilizes the Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI. long form) to evaluate the masculinity scores of male collegiate road cyclists in order to open the discussion of masculinity as it pertains to cycling. Thirty-two male subjects, in the conference, participated in the study. Results show a BSRI t-ratio score of -10.41. Statistically different from that of the established norms of -6.33 (p<0.05). Conclusions are that male collegiate cyclists although androgynous, are generally more masculine than the established normal population.

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