The acceptance of smoking as other-regarding behavior in American society

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Carla J. Glover


Cigarette smoking is becoming. a deviant behavior, especially when one engages In this behavior in the presence of others. No longer is it a behavior that only concerns the smoker and his/her. Health It is now acknowledged as harmful to nonsmokers through the dangers of secondary smoke. Since smokers and nonsmokers are starting to recognize this potential danger of cigarette smoking, exposure to this harm for nonsmokers can be regulated. This recognition of smoking as a problem for nonsmokers changes the behavior from simply self-regarding behavior, where the smoker is only making decisions about the potential  of smoking for him/herself other~ behavior, where the smoker must ~the behavior's impact on and potential danger to others. Through the use of opinion polls, this paper attempts to show how smoking is being redefined and Is nail seen as either-regarding behavior by both smokers and nonsmokers.

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