Technical Reports for 2012

Table of Contents


Impact of Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent on Nitrogen Cycling by Stream Bacteria
Cindy R. Cisar, Jonathan Fisher, Joy Van Nostrand
Identifying Nutrient Pathways to Streams: Sediment and Phosphorous Loads from Streambank Erosion and Failure in the Illinois River Watershed
Garey A. Fox, Chad Penn, Dan Storm
Incorporating Ecological Costs and Benefits into Environmental Flow Recommendations For Oklahoma Rivers: Phase 1, Southeastern Oklahoma (Final)
Caryn C. Vaughn, Jason P. Julian
Project Update: Investigation of the Viability of Rainfall Harvesting for Long-term Urban Irrigation: Bioaccumulating Organic Compounds and the First Flush in Rooftop Runoff (Update)
Jason R. Vogel, Jason B. Belden, Glenn O. Brown, Jessica J. Lay
Quantitative Assessment of Climate Variability and Land Surface Change on Streamflow Decrease in the Upper Cimarron River
Chris Zou, William J. Andrews, Jianjun Ge, S. Jerrod Smith, Joseph Dale
Scale-Dependent Phosphorus Leaching In Alluvial Floodplains (3rd Annual Progess Report)
Garey Fox, Todd Halihan, Chad Penn, Daniel Storm, Brian Haggard, Andrew Sharpley, Phil Hayes
Eastern redcedar encroachment and water cycle in tallgrass prairie (Interim)
Chris Zou, Don Turton, Rod Will, Samuel Fuhlendorf, David Engle, Kim Winton