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Introducing the Logistics Hall of Fame!

by Clark Osburn (2018-11-26)

As we all know, Hollywood has its Walk of Fame, which celebrates the great and the good of show business past and present. Though few people would say that members of the delivery work industry are as glamorous as shimmering USA starlets, we appreciate talent and hard work, too! Let me introduce you to the Logistics Hall of Fame and some of its most groundbreaking members.

<u><strong>What is the <a href="">logistics là gì</a> Hall of Fame?</strong></u>

This institution was founded in 2003 with the aim of honouring leading figures in the logistics industry - men and women who have made impressive efforts to develop both supply chain management and logistics to the benefit of everyone. The Hall of Fame aims to promote innovation and raise public awareness by celebrating outstanding achievements. By encouraging a little friendly competition, the organisation hopes to improve the image of the logistics sector in general. Let´s meet some of the members!

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, founder and president of Amazon, is one of the newest members of the hallowed hall. He has transformed delivery work in the past few decades through the medium of the internet. Bezos joined the Hall of Fame in 2017 in recognition of the influence he has had on how many of us shop and receive our goods today. If you are involved with mail-orders, e-commerce or distribution logistics, chances are that you owe a significant portion of your business to Jeff Bezos!

<b>Franz Tasso and Johann Baptista</b>

From one of the newest innovators in delivery work to two of the oldest, we turn to a couple of trend-setters from The Netherlands. In 1490, uncle and nephew team Franzo Tasso and Johann Baptista were responsible for implementing the first postal service ever, known as The Netherlands Postal Line. So, remember that all hauliers can trace their delivery work ancestry all the way back to the fifteenth century!

<i><u>Gottlieb Daimler</u></i>

Perhaps, however, Gottlieb Daimler, the inventor of the truck, is the man we truly owe our careers to. Daimler was working in the 1800s and is known as both the creator of the truck and a forerunner of freight transport as we know it today. When you next take a walk around the depot, remember that the hard work of Daimler made it all possible.

<b>Norman Joseph Woodland, George Laurer and Bernard Silver</b>

These three men are the ingenious inventors of the bar code, that collection of slightly <a href="">smudged lines</a> found on thousands of parcels that faithfully track all delivery work. They send essential information back to monitors and help every last package get to its correct destination. The ability to automatically track deliveries through such a simple and easy-to-use system has revolutionised delivery work for both the client and the courier.

Not everyone can make it into the Logistics Hall of Fame. However, we can all raise our hats to the men and women who have contributed so much to the haulage industry. Documenting their accomplishments in such a prestigious way can only encourage the next generation of innovators!