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Linux Training for the New Linux User - How to Use Linux in Windows from a Free Linux Download

by Mike Coulston (2018-11-26)

<img src="" alt="linux operating system" title="linux operating system (c)" style="max-width:400px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">1. Install Linux from a Linux CD / DVD. This method can be complicated and very time consuming, but is also a great way to get experience using Linux.
2. Use Linux live CDs (or Linux live DVDs). This is a fast and easy way to run Linux and will also help you get Linux training experience. As an alternative to the above two methods, there is also an excellent way to download Linux free and install Linux in Windows, so you can learn how to use Linux in Windows.

Overview of Running Linux in WindowsJust boot your computer system into Windows and download the free Linux virtual machine player. Then download a free Linux virtual machine. Install the Linux virtual machine player in Windows and uncompress the Linux virtual machine files into a folder.
Then run the player and "open" the Linux virtual machine. This allows you to quickly and easily run Linux in Windows!Linux Tips: There are hundreds of free Linux virtual machines available for download - and they are very easy to use. So you may want to download and try several.

This is a great way to get Linux training on several Linux distributions. High-speed Internet access is recommended for this. Using the Linux Virtual Machine PlayerThe free Linux virtual machine "player" (program) is run and then used to open a Linux virtual machine to run Linux in Windows.
You run the virtual machine player and open a Linux virtual machine in the same way as your run a word processor (program) and open a letter. Linux Virtual Machines - What They Are and How They're CreatedA Linux virtual machine is a complete, fully functional Linux distribution (version of Linux) in a single compressed file.

To create a Linux virtual machine, someone runs the <a href="">Linux installation</a> routine from a Linux CD / DVD and does a Linux installation on a system. This puts the Linux OS and Linux software program files onto the system. All these Linux files are then compressed into a single file and made available at a web site, so you can easily download the free Linux virtual machine and run Linux in Windows.

Linux Tips: When you go to download a Linux virtual machine, be sure to read the specs of the system at the Linux download web site. Linux Tips: If you are a new Linux user, make sure the virtual machine has a Linux desktop (as many don't) and also get the password of the root user (which is the main <a href="">Linux administration</a> user).
A free Linux virtual machine is the easiest and fastest way to run Linux in Windows and get Linux training on an existing Windows system!Another great way to get Linux training is to start up your Linux virtual machine and then watch Linux video tutorials (in Windows or in Linux).

Just watch a bit of a video and pause it. Then hold down the Alt and Tab keys to move to the Linux virtual machine (running in Windows) and try the Linux command you've just seen!After working and experimenting with the Linux command in the virtual machine, just press Alt+Tab to go back to the video tutorial and watch some more.
Then pause the video and try the next Linux command, and so on. Copyright © 2007 Clyde Boom.