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Low Voltage Lighting Systems For The Outdoors

by Mark Aleman (2018-11-15)

So maybe you are considering investing your time and money into a low voltage lighting system and if that is the case then you should know as much about these types of systems as possible.

A low voltage lighting system consists of a transformer, a low voltage cable and light fixtures. Then the transformer will plug into a grounded outdoor power outlet hence reducing the standard electrical current from 110 volts to 12 volts. The cable then attaches to the transformer which distributes power to the light fixtures that are connected along the entire length of the cable.

Good For A DIY Project

Having said that, this is definitely a project that you could tackle on your own, as it is safe and relatively simple to do. Low voltage lights are energy efficient and much less money to operate. You can then select the desired wattage of bulb that you want.

The desired amount of light that you choose will depend on what your exact plan for the low voltage lighting system is. You may plan on illuminating walkways, accent steps and curbs, define driveways, accentuate landscape, highlight distinct features, and to decorate decks and flowerbeds.

Questions Answered

Many people have questions about low voltage lighting systems as they want to know if they can add lights as desired, and the answer is "Yes". Some people want to know if it alright to mix bulb wattages and again the answer is "Yes" as long as you make sure that you do not exceed the power pack's output rating.

Another question asked is what type of power outlet should you plug into and the answer to that is an outdoor, 110-volt power outlet is required. Further, you do not need to bury your cables as they are weather-proof; also you do not need to seal off the ends of the cables, and just cut the wires straight and you will be fine. And do not use an extension cord for any of the project at all as it will be a safety risk.

Discouraging Trespassers

This type of lighting is a must for outdoor purposes unless you prefer to trip in the dark of your own yard and accidentally trample your garden flowers! All kidding aside, these systems illuminate the outside of your home and also can aid in prohibiting trespassers too.

Low voltage landscape lighting has advantages over the other choices of outdoor lighting systems because additional lights can always be added without disturbing any existing lights that might already be positioned.

Use Timers For Maintenance-Free Operation

The low voltage lighting systems can be set on a timer that allows maintenance-free outdoor lighting. Most timers come available for four, six and eight hour settings allowing these Low Voltage Cabling voltage lighting systems to be set up so they automatically go on at dark and off in the morning. This way you never have to worry about them at all.

This type of lighting system has the advantage over solar lighting because they are less expensive and solar systems usually need about 8-10 hours of sunshine in order to work properly.