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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Enhances the Curb Appeal of Homes

by Alissa Morey (2018-11-14)

Low voltage outdoor lighting is an economical way of lighting your outside landscape, porch or other outside area. These lights generally range from about four to 50 watts. Furthermore, this lighting eliminates the need of buried or protected cabling for your outside lights. These lights tend to be moisture proof, so they typically do not require protective conduits. Installing low voltage outdoor lighting is also easy, so the novice do it yourself-er can arrange low voltage LED outdoor lighting in many ways.

Low voltage outdoor lighting also provides a less obstructive view of your outdoor settings with smaller bulbs and fixtures. In fact, you can find low voltage LED lighting that is itself decorative. Otherwise, you may prefer concealed lighting. Concealed designs may include fake pavers or rocks. Decorative designs such as tiered walkway lights are popular because of their versatility. They can be reconfigured when you have outdoor gatherings. Many people also prefer to use Low Voltage Cabling voltage lighting for gardens and up lighting trees.

Pools and water features may also find low voltage outdoor lighting as the most suitable option. If you have trellises, you may want to find directional garden and landscape lights as decoration. If you want to give a dramatic flair to an archway or some type of small area, directional canisters may provide just the right type of lighting you need. Decks, posts and steps may benefit most from flat mounts. These lighting options can hold a wide array of bulbs, so your decorative lights can get a little extra something with a decorative bulb.

Installing low voltage outdoor lighting tends to be a simple process. You will need a transformer and cabling to plug in and arrange your lights. The outdoor socket that you use to plug in your transformer must be fitted with a ground fault circuit interrupter. The cabling will be attached and strung to a group of lights. However, you need to determine how many watts you will be using since this will determine the size of the transformer you will need. Furthermore, transformers are priced according to how many watts it can bear.

Your low wattage outdoor lighting may come in a kit, so you will probably have all the necessary parts needed to successfully install your lights. There are also lights that come with individual components such as automatic on and off switches, mounting accessories and timers. Some lights also include motion sensors, responding when something or someone approaches them. This is not only a decorative choice but also a security option so that you know when someone is approaching your home. With this in mind, these lights are also good for businesses or organizations in need of an economical outdoor lighting option.