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Who Needs a UK Working Visa?

by Samuel Labbe (2018-11-14)

Each of the UK Working Visa programs has its own requirements, though, so you should first take time to understand what each of the programs is suited for. Some visa may simply not be well-suited for you, so you should know what the requirements are before you apply.

A Tier 1 UK Working Visa is designed for highly skilled workers and generally requires that you show proof of a certain level of higher education to support your highly skilled worker status. This visa is somewhat difficult to get because of its many very detailed requirements. There is also a Tier 2 visa option, which is designed for both moderately and highly skilled workers. This visa is designed for those workers who eventually plan to immigrate to the UK and who also have already been hired on by one of the many companies in the country.

At one time, there was also a Tier 3 UK working visa, which was designed for lower skilled workers, but this program is currently suspended and not available due in large part to the current economic climate. It may at some point come back online, likely after the economy fully improves, but for now this visa is not available.

Another such option is to obtain a Tier 5 UK Working Visa. This program is designed for those between 18 and 30 who hail from a select group of participating countries. This visa is available for a length of 24 months, and it is ideal for young adults who want to experience the UK for a short period of time while also working in the area, too. As you can see, there truly is a visa for everyone who wants to visit and stay in the UK for a certain length of time. You simply need to take some time to further review the guidelines and requirements for each program and get your questions answered before you apply. When you have the right visa in hand, you will find the world of opportunities available in the UK is yours to enjoy.

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