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OSHA Certification: Protection for Workers

by Alyssa Bunny (2018-11-14)

OSHA certification classes can be taken online. Individuals or groups of people can take the classes. The construction industry classes are created for people in different construction-related jobs. People learn about Occupational Safety and Health Administration and safety during the course. They learn how to stay safe if they happen to fall on the job, and they learn how protective equipment can keep them safe. In the construction class, they learn how to work on scaffolds, and how to properly use cranes and hoists. Although workers may already know the basics of this information, they learn how to work within safety guidelines. Using stairways, ladders, and working in elevators at construction sites may also be covered in lessons presented. People who take the classes, earn a certificate when they complete the require coursework. They must also pass some tests in order to earn the certificate. 

Courses are available with different hourly requirements. For example, a person can take 10-hour classes or they can take 30-hour training classes. When taking the classes online, workers, are given all of the study guides and information that they need to study for the test online. In the area for construction workers, they learn all of the information needed to meet standards required for this industry. 

Companies are not required to have employees take OSHA certification courses. But employees are likely to feel more confident and safer after they have taken the classes and have become certified. They will feel that they know how to work safer and they will have a better understanding of how to make their environments safer. When employees take the courses, there may be a reduction in accidents that can result in less productivity and higher costs. 

Although workplaces may offer information about taking OSHA certification classes, employees are free to research the classes and take them on their own. Most of the information regarding the training for different occupations is available online. Having a certificate can even be used as a competitive edge to get a job in certain industries. Employers may like that applicants have shown initiative to earn an Occupational Safety and Health Administration certificate. 

In addition to taking the classes online, people can take Occupational Safety and Health Administration classes in a classroom as well. People who enroll in the classes will also find themselves learning some of the lessons during hands-on sessions. The classes and certificate is not limited to those in the construction industry. The classes are available for those who work with asbestos, handle forklifts, and inspect buildings, or work predominately on scaffolds. The knowledge from these classes can help save lives for workers who have some of most life threatening occupations. 

Workers who pass the tests and earn a certificate can also take refresher courses to stay current in what they know and learn new information. Some of the online classes provide access to instructors, so workers can ask questions and receive feedback. Workers who speak languages other than English will find that there are classes and material better in multiple languages.

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