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How to Install Low Voltage Lights

by Ellen Isabelle (2018-11-13)

Low voltage lighting has been around since the fifties when a system was invented using low voltage and it has since become widespread. It is a fantastic way to decorate the yard while saving you some money. The low voltage lighting comes about when you plug a transformer into the outlet and it converts the energy into low voltage. The actual light fixtures are connected quite simply with a cable that runs around the yard.

They are most commonly used for decorating pathways or flower beds as well as many other purposes. You can adjust their brightness and sometimes make them bright and other times less so. It is also possible to use different Low Voltage Cabling ( voltage bulbs to mix and match the brightness when implementing a low voltage system and some people really enjoy doing this. It can create a really nice look depending on the environment.

First you will have to decide on the layout of the system because there are many ways that you can set up the lights in order to get different results. The lighting is obviously looking its best at night so you will want to be sure that it can actually be seen and isn't obstructed.

Then you will want to choose the type of light fixtures that best compliment your garden or outdoor space because it has to blend in properly to the surroundings. One option that is fairly straightforward is to just make a line whereas you can also create a loop if you so desire. You will need to get an appropriate transformer and the strength will differ depending on the light fixtures so you should purchase in this order. If you buy the transformer first you may find that it was the wrong one.

You will want to ensure that the cables are contained in a strong shell so as to avoid any damage from external elements. This is very important as you should be very careful when installing the wires because you don't want to have any accidents along the way or in the future down the road.

It may take some time to get everything together but the results will definitely be worth it once everything is figured out and installed in the proper fashion. So go ahead and enjoy your low voltage lighting system when you consider the tips that we have provided in this lighting article.