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Air Canada Virtual Airlines Flight Simulator Toronto Vancouver Canada

by Jeremy Massina (2018-11-05)

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If you have stuff you need to use often for example runes or food, you can assign these phones a hotkey. To assign a thing to your hotkey, pick the key you would want to assign them to and click on the button "Select a thing". Crosshairs appear and you can choose an item you desire to assign out of your inventory. Once them is assigned to your key, you can determine whether you desire to use this item on yourself, on the selected target, or using one target or target area which may be geared towards using crosshairs. You can also use hotkeys to assign message you must write frequently. The available hotkeys comprise the function keys F1-F12, Shift+F1-F12 and Ctrl+F1-F12, so you are able to assign a complete of 36 messages and items.

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