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PokerStars Rakeback

by Adrienne Lumpkins (2018-10-22)

Rakeback is just part of online card rooms. Like multi-tabling and isolating limpers, it's pretty much automatic to higher volume, regular players. PokerStars Rakeback can have a huge effect on your bankroll and winrate. Just how big of an impact? Many people don't even realize the actual numbers. In fact, the rake can be nearly 5 big blinds/100 hands (even higher at the lower stakes)! To put that in numbers, if you are a 100NL player, every 100,000 hands, you could be paying more than $5,000 just in rake! So if you play 100,000 hands and let's just say you run break-even against the players, you actually would end up down $5,000 because of the rake.

Now let's say you have rakeback (or equivalent) of 30%, meaning, of course, that you get 30% of your rake given back to you. In this case you would get $1,500 back, which would only leave you down $3,500. This could obviously be a huge difference between being a losing player and breakeven, or breakeven and profitable. And if you are already a winning player, rakeback is just gravy. If you are a high volume player, you might as well be getting money back while you play.

Some might find it interesting and curious that the largest poker site in the world is one that technically does not offer rakeback. There are a lot of great reasons to play at PokerStars, however, those that don't play at PokerStars would argue that they can't get rakeback at Stars and they don't offer many deposit or reload bonuses, so why would I play there? That's where they are wrong. It is true that you can't get third party rakeback like you can at many other sites. However, PokerStars realizes that their valued regulars need to get some value for their precious time. This is where their VIP Club comes in.

PokerStars Rakeback has six levels to their VIP Club.

BronzeStar - This is where everyone starts, no real benefits here, just the basics.

SilverStar - If you earn 1,500 VPPs per month, you become a SilverStar. At this level you earn 1.5 FPPs for every VPP.

GoldStar - When you earn more than 4,000 VPPs in a month you are bumped up to GoldStar. Here you get 2 FPPs for each VPP.

PlatinumStar - You get 2.5 FPPs for every VPP when you are a PlatinumStar. You get to this level by earning more than 10,000 VPPs in a calendar month. This is where the benefits really begin to come in.

SuperNova - This is really the goal when playing at PokerStars. You become SuperNova when you earn 100,000 VPPs in a calendar year. You keep SuperNova status at least through February of the following year. SuperNovas earn 3.5 FPPs for every VPP. There are also special bonuses that become available only to SuperNovas.

SuperNova Elite - Elite indeed. Very few players make it to SuperNova Elite. However, if you earn 1,000,000 VPPs in a year you can enjoy the benefits of SNE. They earn 5 FPPs for every VPP (among a number of other benefits and bonuses).

As stated, RajaPoker there is no true PokerStars Rakeback. However, through the VIP Club program players may earn bonuses that can equal, and in many cases, surpass any rakeback deal you can get. Here is a listing of the bonuses that are available to each VIP level at PokerStars.

BronzeStar - None

SilverStar - May purchase a $50 bonus for 5,000 FPPs. This bonus takes 350 VPPs to "clear". In other words, when you purchase any bonus, the amount is placed in your bonus account. When you earn the appropriate number of base FPPs (VPPs), the bonus is released into your real money account.

GoldStar - $285 bonus available for 25,000 FPPs, plus 1,995 VPPs to clear.

PlatinumStar - May purchase a $650 bonus for 50,000 FPPs, plus 4,550 VPPs to clear.

SuperNova - SuperNovas are offered a couple of bonuses for purchase. The first is a $1,500 bonus for 100,000 FPPs, plus 10,500 VPPs. Alternatively, you may wait and purchase a $4,000 bonus for 250,000 FPPs, plus 28,000 VPPs. Additionally, SuperNovas may earn milestone bonuses if they can reach that point. The first one is available when they have earned 200,000 VPPs. At that time they are awarded a $2,000 bonus, which only takes 10,000 VPPs to clear. At 300,000 VPPs they are awarded $3,000, which takes 15,000 VPPs to clear. These milestone bonuses are awarded at various points on your way to a million VPPs and beyond.

SuperNova Elite - May purchase any of the SuperNova bonuses. They also receive special milestone bonuses only available to SNEs.

As you can see, these bonuses are a great benefit to frequent players and can contribute a great deal to your bottom line as a form of rakeback. Using only the bonuses available at each level, players can earn a rakeback equivalent of about 10% for SilverStars to nearly 50% at SuperNova, depending on the stakes played, the player's VIP level and bonus purchased.

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