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Bring Elegance To Your Decor With Little Castle Gliders

by Melba Newhouse (2018-10-22)

When it comes to upholstered chairs, Little Castle is a name both renowned and reliable. Producing one of a kind variety of chairs since 1999, this company pays intricate attention to detail and quality; offering not only a wide range of fabric patterns and textures but also letting you provide your own fabric to suit your needs. This is not all; each chair is hand-made with the finest craftsmanship, built in a way to provide your body with the best support and comfort possible. Offering you everything from ottomans to recliners, the company is best known for the Little Castle Glider range of chairs, with traditional styling and piping to add a regal touch to your room; while at the same time offering you the luxury of gentle rocking after a tiring day to help your toddler go to sleep.

The Little Castle chairs were basically designed for nurseries, to provide new mothers and their babies the ease of snuggling, nursing and even dozing off within the slow rocking comfort of these hand crafted and custom upholstered chairs. While the Little Castle Gliders collection has been updated to include adult furniture, the graceful chairs are still perfect for you and your children to cuddle and read bed time stories in while at the same time matching your interior and brightening up your room. The Little Castle Gliders are suitable for all your baby needs, not just because they offer soft motion to help lull your child to sleep, but also because they are very safe and pinch-free even if your toddler is at a crawling age.

The Little Castle chair range has much to offer. There are swiveling gliders, gliders with reversible seat cushions and even detachable pillow backs. The famous recliner gliders are a combination of a recliner and glider chair, helping relax your back while letting you glide. The Edge Glider, one of the latest Little Castle Gliders creations, comes with different cushion covers of your choice that can be swapped to change the entire look. The Montclair Glider is the traditional one, with fabric in plain pastel tones or soft patterns and piping and pleating in contrast. The Little Castle Transition Glider offers exactly what the name portrays. By changing the covers and the front panel, this particular glider's look can be fully changed as per your wish; hence if you decide to redecorate your nursery or room, you don't have to worry about going out to buy a new glider that matches. With no-sag springs and best quality stuffing, you will never have to worry about your Little Castle chair wearing out or losing its shape. What is more, no matter what kind of glider you go for, you have the option to help design it any way you want, choosing or providing your own fabric, and even deciding what kind of piping or pleats you want.

If you want both comfort and style in your baby's nursery or any other room for that matter, Little Castle Gliders are the perfect choice for you.

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