Leadership Styles in Physical Education: A Practical Application

Todd Farmer


There are two major dimensions of leadership, transformational and transactional. The objective of this paper was to find out the relationship between leadership styles of physical education teachers. The transformational leadership style involves talking to a team of employees about needed actions and decisions and encouraging team members to get involved in this process (Kim, 2002; Choi, Kihwan, & Kang, 2017). Transformational leaders have the self-confidence and a personal sense of security to make them great leaders for future jobs. In a group setting, the transformational leadership style provides other members an opportunity to gain acknowledgment and a sense of self-worth (Kim, 2002). Transactional leadership style uses rewards and punishments to supervise and organize their employees and thus promoting compliance at the K-12 work site. Punishments are not always mentioned, but are well
understood, and formal systems of discipline are usually in place (Pagewise, 2002). This paper will discuss two leadership styles: transformational and transactional leadership and the paper will suggest that physical education teachers should exhibit a transformational leadership style.

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