When will Baseball Start Using Their Heads on Helmet Safety?

Joe Swanson, Joe Duetsch


The need for head protection in all sports has become a frontline issue with concussion studies showing brain damage issues in many sports, but in baseball the traditionalist views have kept the concerns at bay. Only until traumatic brain damage or death occurs is it discussed on a national level. This article discusses the subject of helmet protection in high school baseball and the need for helmets on defensive players in the field. With other sports like football, hockey, cricket, skiing and snowboarding, and lacrosse all mandating helmet use, the number of documented cases of head injuries in baseball continues to rise despite technology getting more advanced every day. This article puts forth the argument for defensive players and base coaches to have mandatory helmet use while in the field. It documents examples of injuries in baseball, as well as the arguments and rule differences from organizations such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), the American Legion Baseball program and Major League Baseball (MLB) regarding safety and helmet use. It also discusses changes made at all the different levels to promote safety, but also points out how there is no consistency between groups and the different levels of the sport of baseball.

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