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OAHPERD Journal Peer-Review Guidelines for Authors

Manuscripts involving practical applications for the HPERD readership are priority. Manuscripts that are informational and that involve scholarly research are also encouraged, but must address practical application. You may also submit manuscript materials pertaining to OAHPERD news, statewide news, national news and other items which are not peer-reviewed. The author guide-lines in this document apply only to peer- reviewed manuscripts.

Submission Deadlines:

Spring Journal (mid-April): Deadline for peer-reviewed manuscripts February 1st, all other items March 1st

Fall Journal (mid-September): Deadline for peer-reviewed manuscripts July 1st, all other items August 1st.

Winter Journal (mid-December): Deadline for peer-reviewed manuscripts October 1st, all other items November 1st.

Basis for Acceptance of a Manuscript for Publication: 1) Significance to the HPERD profession
2) Accuracy of the material
3) Originality of material
4) Clarity of material
5) Validity of material
6) Compliance with OAHPERD guidelines for submission

Preparation of the Manuscript: Manuscripts must be submitted using Microsoft Office Word

Preferred length of manuscripts submitted, including tables, graphs, references, etc., is 5-12 double-spaced, typed pages using 12 point font. Longer manuscripts will be returned to the author without review. Shorter manuscripts of interest to the readership are appropriate to submit and will be reviewed.
Manuscripts should be written in third person.
American Psychological Association (APA) format should be used throughout the manuscript.
Keep direct quotations, especially lengthy ones, to a minimum (see APA style for formatting)
Insert line numbering in the manuscript as it is helpful in communicating location if there are questions or corrections to be made.
(Microsoft Word = File, Page Setup, Layout, Line Numbering, Check Line Numbering Box, Continuous, Apply)


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