Jump Rope for Heart News

At our OAHPERD Conference on October 6, 2015 we had a local family, Ella and Neil Turner speak to our general assembly about how heart disease affected their family and the efforts they have made in fundraising and raising awareness of heart disease for the American Heart Association. We also had two workshops helping us hone our jump rope skills for our jump rope units and our Jump Rope For Heart Events.

We had our annual Jump Rope for Heart Luncheon at the OAHPERD Conference as well. We had several of our JRFH and HFH coordinators across the state attend! We played a BINGO game to get to know our coordinators better and several won door prizes. Brandy Miller Brandy.Miller@heart.org and Aaron Harbin Aaron.Harbin@heart.org, our American Heart Association Representatives, summarized last year's effort. Awards were given to the top fundraisers for Hoops for Heart and Jump Rope for Heart.

The top Jump Rope for Heart School from Western Oklahoma was Grove Valley raising $21, 828 and from Eastern Oklahoma was Jenks Elementary fundraising $44,879. Our top Hoops for Heart Schools were Nicoma Park Intermediate with $3,227 representing Western Oklahoma and Gibson Intermediate $8,602 representing Eastern Oklahoma. The top dual schools, completing both JRFH and HFH were Lakeview Elementary $10,383 representing Western Oklahoma and Holland Hall $30,326 representing Eastern Oklahoma.

We discussed next year's theme - Pups along with the wonderful health lessons. This year Thank You gifts will be bundled up to the $75 level making it easier to hand them out. Incentives for completing an event next year will include the following.
1) For every $1,500 your school raises you will receive $100 in US Games Certificates.
2) For every $1,000 you go OVER last year's event total, you will receive an additional $100, in US Game Certificates.
3) Refer a school for extra US Games! If you know of a school not participating in JRFH or HFH talk to them about how easy and rewarding it is! Let us know who they are and if they complete an event this year we will send YOU an additional $50 in US Games!! 4) For completing an event you will receive 6 PDC Hours.

By completing a JRFH or HFH event you help teach students how to care for their hearts as well as raise awareness of heart disease. The money is used to fund research as well as educational materials. Part of this money returns to our state OAHPERD organization to help with our state conference, funding speakers and workshops throughout the year. We also provide $500 grants, which OAHPERD members are eligible for. Refer to our website OAHPERD.org for more details. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance with your event.

Susan Lalman, State JRFH Coordinator


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