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Message from the President

Already winter is here but things are warming up for OAHPERD. We have some great things in the works. Our board and council have met and are making plans for the upcoming year. I am so honored that you chose me to be your president and I want to be worthy of that trust. My focus for this year is YOU!!
Everyone out there who is helping with OAHPERD's mission and goal of promoting health and physical education, recreation, and dance in the state of Oklahoma.

Related to the focus is the theme for this year "Ring the bell, to Advocate, Educate, and Celebrate". This summer I attended a workshop to train and prepare me for my duties as President this year and I was finding it hard to figure out what I wanted to concentrate on. That is until I walked into a certain restaurant where it became as clear as a "Bell." This establishment had a bell by the door and as customers left they would "Ring the Bell if you liked the service". I pondered on this awhile. When do we ring the bell? We "Ring the Bell" to announce, to start, to stop, when we reach the top, for help or assistance, and to celebrate.

So "Ring the Bell" to advocate, to publicly recommend or support, to advise, to champion, to promote. We are spokespersons for our profession and for change. And boy things are changing! "Ring the Bell" to educate or to inform because only by educating can we advocate for change. It is a great time to be in our professions. There is a renewed focus on movement as it relates to the brain and learning, health improvement and health maintenance. YOU have been "Ringing the bell."

And lastly, "Ring the Bell" to celebrate, to acknowledge, to honor and to commemorate. Enjoy and celebrate the accomplishments we have reached so far. Not forgetting that little things need celebrating, as well. Celebrating motivates us to keep trying and shows us that we have made progress. And WE are -We have - made progress. What we (YOU) do matters greatly!! SO please keep on progressing, inspiring, advocating, educating, and celebrating and "Ring the Bell". Keep in touch and let me know what is going on so we may continue to progress and Celebrate YOU!! Exciting News coming soon!


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