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The Virginia Peters Higher Education Award


The applicant/nominee must be an educator who:

  1. Prepares Oklahoma public and private physical education teachers;
  2. Oversees, directs and/or advises student teachers in the field of physical education;
  3. Serves as a positive role model epitomizing personal health and fitness enjoyment of activity, and sensitivity to the physical and emotional needs of all students;
  4. Utilizes various teaching methodologies and plans innovative learning experiences;
  5. Is a current OAHPERD member, regularly attends and/or presents at state conventions/workshops;
  6. Is a current member of AAHPERD and NASPE and has attended and/or presented at Southern District AAHPERD and/or National Conventions.
  7. Nominees shall attach documentation for each of the criteria. Additionally, a letter of recommendation from a department chair or dean should be attached.


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