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Middle School “Physical Education” Teacher of the Year

For the purpose of this award, a Physical Educator is defined for the purposes of this award as a person who has major responsibility for teaching physical education in grades designated (6-8) for each award.

The candidate must be someone who:

  1. Has taught a minimum of six years at the school level designated by the award.
  2. Serves as a positive role model epitomizing the personal health and fitness, enjoyment of activity, sportsmanship, and sensitivity to the needs of his/her students.
  3. Utilizes various teaching methodologies and plans innovative learning experiences.
  4. Conducts a balanced and sequential curriculum.
  5. Evidences professional commitment through membership and involvement in local, state, and national physical education organizations.
  6. If selected, and wishes to be moved on to the district and national competition, is a current member of AAHPERD and NASPE and must attend the AAHPERD District and possibly the National Convention.

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