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Karen J. Dowd Undergraduate Scholarship Award Chair

The candidate must:

  1. Have completed a minimum of 60 hours of college credit.
  2. Be a current member of OAHPERD.

Application Checklist

  • All required information is included.
    • Academic Progress:
    • Institution; Degree Program; Major; Academic Advisor; Faculty Endorsement; Hours Required for Degree; Hours completed (College only); Expected Graduation Date; Cumulative Grade Point Average at Certifying Institution; Academic Honors; Awards; Intramural or Varsity Sports; Active Professional Memberships; Offices Held; Other Organizations; Offices Held; Scholarships; Related Work Experience.
  • Application is signed (if mailed) by a faculty advisor or department head or accompanied by a letter of endorsement including a statement verifying the GPA is correct.

  • Application is accompanied by the following:
    • Official transcript (with letter of endorsement or if mailed official university seal) (All courses, Grades and GPA must be readable)
    • Present vitae or resume
    • Paper (minimum of 500 words) reflecting the applicant’s personal and professional philosophy.


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