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Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year

The Oklahoma Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance is seeking nominees for the annual Adapted Teacher of the Year award.

For the purposes of this award, an adapted physical educator is defined as a person assigned at least 50% of his/her teaching responsibility:

  1. In providing direct and/or consultative services to individuals with disabilities ages birth to adult. or
  2. In providing appropriate instruction, support, and modifications to individuals with disabilities ages birth to adult.

The candidate must be someone who:
  1. Conducts an appropriate physical education program as reflected in the students╩╝ IEP and generally accepted standards of practice for APE.
  2. Utilizes various teaching methodologies and plans innovative learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.
  3. Serves as a positive role model epitomizing personal health and fitness, enjoyment of activity, and sensitivity to the physical and emotional needs of all students.
  4. Participates in professional development opportunities.
  5. Is a current OAHPERD member.

Self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged. Please send the following information to:
Place of Employment:
Phone #:


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