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Betty Abercrombie Scholar Award

Call for Nominations

The Betty Abercrombie Scholar Award is designed to (1) promote and stimulate scholarly productivity among professionals representing health, physical education, recreation, leisure, dance and sport, and (2) recognize scholars who have made and continue to make noteworthy contributions to the scholarly enterprise.
The following criteria are used by the selection committee. The individual selected:

  1. must be a member of AAHPERD and OAHPERD.
  2. should have achieved a commendable record evidenced by creative productivity to enhance the profession of health, physical education, recreation and dance.
  3. shall be currently involved in the scholarship of promoting the fields of health, physical education, recreation and dance through various meaningful contribution such as:
    1. Articles in refereed journals
    2. Scholarly contributions to books
    3. Scholarly presentations to professional meetings
    4. Acquisition of grants
    5. Officer of professional organization
    6. Major projects
    7. Professional development
    8. Development of curricular and instructional activities
    9. Contributions to the profession including research
  4. must be willing to assume responsibilities so designated for a period of one year to include:
    1. making a presentation at the annual OAHPERD Convention the following year.
    2. Serving as chair of the selection committee for the following year.


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