This Land is Our Land

Michael J. Bradley, Hung-Ling Liu, Tatiana Chalkidou, I-Chun Wu


In April 2010, President Barack Obama signed into action the America’s Great Outdoors initiative, a program designed to preserve many natural resources in the United States for future generations and enhance the connection between individuals and natural areas. The idea of creating or enhancing personal connections with nature, while not entirely novel or new, has witnessed a recent increase in emphasis and increased importance. The state of Oklahoma, with a diverse geographic features and abundant natural resources, provides great opportunity for Oklahoman to connect with nature. While there are many opportunities in Oklahoma, Oklahoman’s willingness to accept various preservation and place attachment programs is unknown. Therefore, the purpose of this research study was to identify Oklahoman’s level of agreement with the AGO and investigate what variables may attribute to increasing the connection between Oklahomans and natural areas. Results indicate that Oklahomans generally accept many of the AGO tenets, with levels of environmental ethics and a sense of attachment to these natural areas being major factors to ensuring a connection between an individual and the environment. Future research is necessary to identify specific methods to increase place attachment and environmental ethics of Oklahomans.

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